Being Single, Thinking Double – Searching


TuesdayThat is possibly the best way to describe the next decade or so for all of us. Some highs, some lows, each of us facing our own challenges and demons. Living together, living apart, never really sure where I belonged. Making some really poor judgement calls that would shape my future and bring their own set of challenges later on. Fortunately a commitment to never drink, smoke, or do drugs when I was a young teenager, at least ensured that I was straight and sober when I made these decisions.

I began working at Old Mutual as a broker consultant, absolutely loved it. Travelled overseas for the first time in my life. My starting salary was R800 per month and I thought I was a king. Bought my first three piece suit with a reversible waistcoat at Tony Factor’s in town, was driving a light blue Mazda 323 Capella and was cruisin’

From Old Mutual to Sanlam and from their a major shift in my life into the restaurant industry, but that deserves a post all of its own. (Watch this space)

“These were the best of times, these were the worst of times” and I can honestly tell you I loved and lived every moment of them. I used to joke that I had my fair share of girlfriends and my fair share of other people’s girlfriends too. I met some remarkable women during this time, fostering long term relationships but never committing to marriage. I was pretty sure I would be married by 27, then it was 32 and then it was 35.

By the time 35 had passed, I was pretty sure I was going to be a bachelor all my life, and the thought of having my own family slowly faded… Until one day I read a book lying next to my bed that had been given to me by a young lady. It was Tuesday’s With Morrie” and it was about to change my life… again!

After that I had pretty much given up even thinking about it, well until I met Heidi that is.

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  1. Your life journey sounds story worthy. I must read that book, it’s by the same guy who wrote “Zen and The Art of Motorcycle Maintenence” isn’t it?

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