The Fourteen Things I Love (most) About This Fourteen Year Old Girl

The Fourteen Things I Love (most) About This Fourteen Year Old Girl

Of course the “MOST” part is there because there are so many more than fourteen things I love about her but these are my tops! (In no particular order)



  • The Beauty Of Her Soul Matches That Of Her Face.

To me she is simply the most beautiful creature that walks on God’s green earth but that beauty runs so deep that you don’t just see it, you can actually feel it. It shines like a light around her and just seems to cling to everything she touches.



  • She Doesn’t Know The Meaning Of The Word Quit.

She just keeps trying! We all face disappointment from time to time, we all have to face up to the fact that we will not always win, not always get what we want. To some people this is the end of the road, a reason to give up and move on. Not to Sasha, to her this is the beginning and a reason to carry on and try harder. Don’t we all wish we had that perseverance?



  • She Is Just So Happy.

For heaven’s sake child, can’t you just be unhappy for a while? Maybe throw a tantrum or two? No way dad, what’s the point of that? Will it get me anything? Will it help? No? Well then I choose happiness.



  • She Is So Much Like Me.

The comments that come out of her mouth! A wet towel draped over a bed! A messy room! A crazy sense of humour! Her ability to read people around her! A love of life! A sense of adventure! And I hope there are a few more.



  • She Is Nothing Like Me.

I gave up way too easily. When things got tough I got going… taking the easy way out way too often. NOT THIS KID! She has strength and stamina an amazing will to see things through, Go girl go.



  • Her Sense Of Adventure.

Life is an adventure for Sasha. Every day is filled with wonder and amazement and keeping up with her is what keeps me young (and asleep by 8pm). She doesn’t need the best of everything of the most of everything or the latest of everything (except an iPhone7) to keep her happy and occupied she just makes her own adventures.



  • She’s Not Perfect.

No child is (except yours I am sure) and I love for that too! She can be infuriating and does like to have things her way, but we haggle and we argue and we negotiate and we find a way forward. Like that time when she wanted to go to Mimmos and I wanted to go to Shwarma Co, we compromised and went to Mimmos.



  • She’s Actually A Little Crazy.

Well perhaps more than a little and yes I have the pictures to prove it! While most girls her age would not be seen in front of the camera without perfect makeup and hair, my little meshugana is prancing around, pulling faces and priding herself on her madness. This means that any moment of any day could go for a ball of pot as we both break down laughing at some crazy thing.



  • She Never Judges People.

Not even me and my shortcomings. To Sasha everyone is important, everyone is special and everyone deserves a chance. It is remarkable to watch her communicate with both friends and strangers and the time and effort she puts into it.


  • She’s Growing Up At Her Own Pace.

I am her dad, of course I don’t want my little girl to grow up, but both physically and mentally I see the changes every day. My little girl is becoming a young woman and although that scares me shitless, I am still grateful that she is doing it at her pace and seems so oblivious to peer pressure and what others think she should do.



  • She Honestly Believes She Can Change The World.

And I do too; I have seen it with my own eyes! There is a family that was started after the dad met Sasha and decided he wanted one too (hey, you could have just asked, I would have given you mine). There are parents spending more time with their children. There are people at Sandringham Gardens whose lives she has touched and brightened and then of course there is my life and the profound effect she has on it every day.


  • She Chooses Her Friends So Carefully

Kind, polite, friendly, crazy, sporty, funny, nutty, loud, quiet, and bright and so many more, she surrounds herself with such wonderful friends and you can just see how much they all enjoy each other’s company.



  • She’s So Active It’s Almost Impossible To Keep Up.

Phew girl, slow down a little! Two hours in the waves at my age ain’t easy, out for a few minutes and we are throwing Frisbee and then of course it’s back into the sea! Luckily we have our “chill days” too. I think she does them more for her old man than for herself but anyway I take them gladly and we just relax, check Instagram, watch a few videos and talk kak. Yes, surprisingly we do that too!



  • She Makes My World A Better Place!

Ok I lied about no particular order; I saved this one for last! There is a great essay by Waldo Emmerson called success and in he describes some wonderful attributes of success. It finishes off by saying “to know that even one life has breathed easier because you have lived, that is to have succeeded” She makes my life easier, she makes my life better, she makes my life exactly as it should be. And I believe she brings joy to so many others to, even those that have not met her but follow her crazy antics on my Facebook wall.

So that’s it! The Fourteen Things I Love Most About This 14 Year Old

Happy birthday my beautiful bubster! Love you to the moon and back.



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