#Project55 And The Photo Shoot

So… one of the promises that I made to myself when I started #Poject55 is that if I could reach my health, fitness and body goals, I would do a photo shoot and post the pictures. Eish, that is much harder than you can ever imagine and I am not even the shy type._dsc0214

16 weeks later, all goals achieved and it was time for the shoot!

First call was to Mike Duncan from www.thebetterpixel.co.za a real magician when it comes to composition, lighting and post production. Mike, a friend of mine for many years, is a no nonsense, get the job done photographer. I have always admired his work BUT after seeing the results of this shoot, I am completely in awe of the man.

Next I needed location and Reef Steamers (www.reefsteamers.com) was recommended. Easy to arrange and highly accommodating, this venue proved to be ideal for the type of hard, industrial look we were after.

Gym equipment was supplied by Origin Fitness (www.originfitness.co.za) my go to guys for all the equipment I need. My favourite being the Rip60 suspension training and battling ropes but as you will see they have so much more to offer. Thank you to the guys at Wanderers Sports Medical Center who assisted with this.

_dsc0064My meals were kept on track by Cafe Zing (cafezing.co.za) who ensured my eating remained on track, particularly as the shoot got closer. With my strange eating habits, that is no small task.

Nutritional support and a program leading up to the shoot was supplied by Shaun Waison by LifeHealth.com and a really big thank you to Lee James and all the guys from 360 Health And Fitness in Senderwood for the assistance, support, programs, laughs, advice and friendship.

Of course a big thank you to my friends and family who supported me through this transformation and had to put up with so much during the last 16 weeks and particularly in the last few days as the shoot got closer.

I am blown away by the pics and really stare at some of them and wonder if it is really me. I learned one very important lesson over these 16 weeks… With a clear goal and a clear plan you can achieve all you set out to. I am busy building my own site at www.thenextevolution.co.za and look forward to helping so many people achieve their own dreams.


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