Fourteen Lessons I Learned In Twenty Fourteen

This has been quite a year, some incredible highs and some staggering lows. I have made some amazing new friends and lost a few others through death, disease and sometimes by choice. There has been a lot of war and there has been a little peace. So I will share the fourteen things I learned in twenty fourteen. Thank you to all who have inspired this writing… that by the way is all of you.

  • Lesson Number 1

Be that guy that is always doing something interesting

  • Lesson Number 2

Sometimes you need to burn a few bridges to stop the crazies from following you

  • Lesson Number 3

Spend time and not money on your children

  • Lesson Number 4

Find people who are BOTH interesting and interested (one is not enough)

  • Lesson Number 5

There are different people in the world, listen to their story (and share yours with them)

  • Lesson Number 6

Don’t waste your time on people who only bring you down

  • Lesson Number 7

Your health is not guaranteed, but give yourself the best possible shot at a healthy life

  • Lesson Number 8

Doing kind things for strangers is an amazing thing

  • Lesson Number 9

A lot of people die

  • Lesson Number 10

Laugh a lot

  • Lesson Number 11

A lot more people care about you and want to help you, than you will ever imagine

  • Lesson Number 12

The friends you make on Facebook are actually real friends, even if you never meet them

  • Lesson Number 13

Married or divorced put your anger aside and put your children first

  • Lesson Number 14

The fifteen things I choose to learn in twenty fifteen are entirely up to me

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