A smooth dad and a blended family

After a chat with Sasha in September last year, we agreed to cancel DSTV. It was costing a fortune and besides a bit of sport and continuous reruns, there was no value in it. This meant that our weekends now needed to be filled with fun, outdoor activities, adventures, the occasional movie and stuff we wanted to do together. I know it sounds absolutely terrible but we decided we would do it anyway!

JarSo each weekend we find a small project to do, from building stuff to experiencing stuff… it’s all out there for you to do.

We stumbled across “The Head In The Jar” one day on Instagram and decided to recreate that. One of my absolute favourite go-to sites for stuff to do and school projects in Instructables (http://www.instructables.com) and there we found The Head In The Jar and how to make them (http://www.instructables.com/id/head-in-a-jar-prank/) but being Sasha and I, we also decided to take it to a new level.

Hope you are not too squeamish…

Plenty more to follow!

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  1. oh man this is just too funny….

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