What To Do On Mother’s Day When You Don’t Have A Mother

What To Do On Mother’s Day When You Don’t Have A Mother

96280005No, this is not one of those “oh my God how sad for him” posts, this is one of those “what a great idea, I think I will do the same” posts

So what does a single guy with no mom do on Mother’s Day? Well this one will be at Sandringham Gardens Old Age Home tomorrow at 12:30 to hand out as many chocolates as he can get his hands on. I know it is late notice, I know you may already have plans, but if you don’t please feel free to meet me there at 12:30 and join me, we are going to spread a LOT of love.Mom01

And if you can’t make it and still want to contribute, feel free to drop off as much chocolate as you like, I will make sure I am there from 11:30 or call me and I will meet you somewhere earlier.

If you can’t make it to Sandringham Gardens perhaps you can do this in your area or even on Father’s Day (when I will be with Sasha)

PS to all those moms out there, to the dads that have to be moms, in fact to all of you no matter what your status… Happy Mother’s Day

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  1. Great great idea – I love it! I am sure you made many hearts very happy

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