I Share My Road…

Gym Shoot (1)MY road? Well it’s not really MY road, I don’t really own it, in fact I don’t even live on it, but I do walk it almost everyday and in my head that makes it MY road. I set out at about 5:15am most mornings and I share MY road with so many others.

There are the sprinters, the joggers and the walkers. What strikes me most about these people is that they are not wearing the latest in high tech running shoes or specially designed shirts to wick sweat from the body as they cover the kilometers. No GPS heart rate monitors strapped on these chest. In fact most are in ordinary clothes, overalls, construction boots, reflective security jackets, in fact, just about anything.

They are not running to get fit or to complete some race they have circled on a calendar, they are running to get to work, to catch a taxi, to make a change of shift or even to get home after pulling an all nighter. They are running to bring home the money they need to live, they are truly professional athletes.

We nod to each other as we pass and sometimes even share a greeting over the music blaring from my iPod. And each day I am reminded just how fortunate I am to have the opportunity and the means to choose when I run, to choose why I run and to choose where I run.

So to all those who share MY road with me, thank you for the lessons you teach me everyday and Gods speed and safety on your journey.

Mike Said
MY Road

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  1. Mike, this has to be the most accurate post I’ve read in a while about how we tend to think athletes are those with the fancy gadgets. I think you’ve described it perfectly: the true athletes are those bringing home the money.

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